How Mighty are Your Chondria?

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Brain Bulletin 121 - How Mighty is Your Chrondria?
Your mitochondria keeps your brain and mind moving.
They power everything you do. And this includes how your brain pays attention, thinks, learns, and feels.
Surprisingly, your mitochondria determine your health more than genetics.
Dr. Mark Hyman notes, "Taking care of your mitochondria will allow you to increase your energy and age well."

The brain is a hypermetabolizer. It uses more energy than any other organ in the body. Mitochondria produce all this energy. If we look after our mitochrondria, they make more energy for us. Net effect: less fatigue & brain fog.

So what helps to make more mitochondria, and keep them healthy? Movement. These millions of tiny energy "batteries" within each cell benefit greatly from exercise! 

Here's a bit more on why movement may be the best medicine for your brain, and how to get more of it: Brain Bulletin 113 - 22 Ways Exercise Improves Our Brains
Move more, and your might mitochondria will thank and reward you.
Reference: Kramer, P., Bressan, P. (2017). Our (mother’s) mitochondria and our mind. Perspectives on Psychological Science.
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