Growing a Child's Brain - Developing Everyday Genius

The brain builds itself one day at a time.

Neuroscience has a great deal to say about the world of potential that resides within every child. Early childhood is an important time for the human brain and teachers play a critical role. As a teacher you have enormous power to shape children's attitudes about learning, and you can profoundly influence their self-perceptions and expectations of success.

How would you like to extend your skills, knowledge, and experience so that children can build confidence, achievement, and self-esteem?

And how would you like new tools and ideas to make your work more fun and produce confident, eager learners?

You will learn many practical tips and strategies that you can use immediately in your class and with the parents of your children.

Teachers are important architects of the child's brain. You will learn and discover:

  • how the brain processes information.
  • the 6 positive environmental triggers.
  • the importance of developing a Growth Mindset.
  • why the discovery of mirror neurons may be the most important discovery about the brain in 400 years.
  • why brain state and strategy are just as important as content.
  • the top Brain Engagement Principles.
  • the #1 way on the planet to capture a child's attention.
  • how music affects the brain and learning.
  • how to boost attention.
  • how to teach from and to the "Mind's Eye".
  • how humour accelerates learning.
  • and much, much more!

Participants: parents, teachers, specialists, administrators.

This session is lively, humorous, and interactive. You will leave with new knowledge and many eye-opening ideas that will make this year different.

"Terry, your findings are so relevant in the social media -screen age. And you are funny"                                                         - Betsy Rogers, Parent, Yokohama

Terry Small is a master teacher and trainer. He has presented his ideas to over 230,000 people. These ideas were recently featured on CTV, Global, BCTV, CKNW and in Student Success. His sessions are described as practical, fun, and provoking.

Terry believes success is a skill anyone can learn