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Your brain runs your life. When your brain works right, you work right.
Now here is the good news! Your brain is better than you think.
Get the tools you need to boost your brain power, improve your thinking and optimize your brain health for the rest of your life.
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06 Feb

Terry has a brand new webinar now available for booking: Healthy Brain Resilient Mind - 5 Steps to a Calmer, Sharper, Happier You!  This session will gives you, and your organization the tools, and strategies to respond to mental health & wellness challenges, disruption, and prepare for an ever changing future.

19 Oct

IAFOR invites Terry to present at the 12th Asian Conference on Education (ACE2020), Tokyo, Japan on Oct. 29, 2020. Topic: Healthy Brain, Resilient Mind - 5 Steps to a Calmer, Happier, Sharper You!

05 Oct

EGN Singapore invites Terry to present "5 Things Every Leader Must Know About the Brain in an Age
of Disruption & Uncertainty" on December 8, 2020.

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