Testimonials - Terry Small

Thank you so much, Terry! We've received terrific feedback on the engergy, you brought to your session, and the suggestions you offered. We are looking forward to having you back at NLC in the future!"

- Ashley Oostvogels, Dean, Student Success, Northern Lakes College

"Thank you so much for an amazing session for our team. It was really important for us to lay a solid foundation as we embark on our learning program. We have received fantastic feedback from the session! And we know the team has taken away many learnings that they will carry with them for a long time. Clearly, you are great at reinforcing these concepts, considering I remember them from the first time I heard you speak 24 years ago. I can't stop telling people this fortuitous full circle moment and how impactful it is to learn these skills."

- Diana Vuong, Vice President and CFO, YVR, YVR

"Authenticity is your greatest character strength, Terry, and you are a real embodiment of it. Never stop inspiring people around you! We need it. Thank you for spending the time. It was an experience I will never forget. We'll keep in touch. Thank you again!"

- George Kokolas, Express Publishing, Athens, Greece

" Terry this is so important. Thank you for your constant bright content. It's medicine for me! " 

- Leah Ward, Maximus Canada Employment Services

"I wanted to share a comment today that will brighten your day: "Terry was amazing. I wish I could listen to him every day! It's very good motivation." I couldn't agree more. Thank you again, Terry!"

- Melissa Cornwell, Office Manager, Electrical Contractors of British Columbia

"Terry is just amazing. If you want to understand the multiple aspects of your brain, and how it impacts your life just listen to what he has to share. He has a deep knowledge of brain behaviour and all its implications. Terry, I hope many people can enjoy your lectures!"

- Dr. Jens Alexander Hartmann, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Gallup Consulting, Berlin, Germany

"Terry Small, aka The Brain Guy, is an incredible speaker, educator, and friend. If any of you should have the opportunity to attend one of his classes do not hesitate. Though he does not know it, he literally mentored me through my teaching career."

- Allen Stanton, School District 43, Coquitlam

"Thanks, Terry. You are genius! What a pleasure. Nothing but glowing feedback from the crew. Can't wait to do it again!" 

- Sean Rayner, VETS Group, Edmonton

"Your closing keynote speech was fantastic. People are raving about it! Thanks again!"

- Cathy Leahy, Capital Regional District, Victoria

"Thank you, Terry. I received massive value from your workshop, and expertise!"

- Jeff Tetz, Results Canada, Edmonton

"THANK YOU for your important work, and an excellent workshop! You were a trooper and a true professional. We are starting a "Brain Committee" here at Coyote Creek Elementary School, and we are calling it "Small Talk"." 

- Shelley Wason, Coyote Creek Elementary School Professional Development Chair, Surrey, BC

"Once again you delivered a flawless performance to our team! We had many of our folks approach us afterwards with rave reviews of their experience that morning. We'll look forward to our next meeting." 

- Gregg Hallaway, BC Hydro, Distribution Vegetative Operations Manager

"I have heard you speak many times. Your ability to engage an audience is second to none!" 

- Erin McAstocker, Vice-principal, Rosedale Middle School

"I enjoyed your presentation very much, and I am already reading faster and more effectively. I watched your DVD on brain health that you presented to the group in Geneva. Great information. Great presentation. You are a genius!"

- JIm Ayers, Surrey, B.C.

"As usual, your presentation was amazing. Your new ideas supported by the latest research, not only was relevant to subject teachers, but also modeled the behaviour of a true professional.You don't just "talk the talk", you also "walk the walk". At lunch two of our younger science teachers commented that this was the best Pro-D they have ever attended. Congratulations on an excellent presentation." 

- Glen Fatkin, North Surrey Secondary School

"You are definitely a genius! Our participants LOVED your session. It had a profound impact on all of us and I sense that everybody is much more aware about their brain NOW."

- Daniela Sfameni, Managing Director, UBS, Zurich

"Your presentation today at ECIS was superb! I dare say it was one of the single best presentations I've seen. It was a pleasure to introduce you."

- Tom Hawkins, Head of School, St. John's International School, Brussels

"I truly enjoy everything you do and say. So much to learn. Terry, THANK YOU!!! You did a great job for us. Thanks for making the conference better by being part of it. You are such a professional and fun person to work with. Partners in the future again, for sure."

- Cathy Campbell, President Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors, Toronto

"I can't thank you enough for all your help and support at the CAIS Conference. Based on the number of attendees, I would say people were very excited to hear what you had to say. I could have spent the whole day listening to you. Thank you a million times over!!" 

- Kalie Whitaker, Canadian Association of Independent School (CAIS)

"A truly informative, interactive, and lively session, which kept people's brains alive and kicking. Everyone really liked and enjoyed the session, and I truly thank you for that!"

- Rosemond Koshy, Channel Business Development Manager Middle East, Dubai, Schneider-Electric

"Terry's Leadership Brain presentation really got our synapses firing at the Integra Annual May Conference in Vancouver, Canada. His professional speaking skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm inspired our conference attendees at the end of the day. His catch-phrase, "You are a genius", became the tag-line for the rest of the conference. Thank you for your inspiration and insights. Terry, you raise the bar for speakers! You made us look good! I hope we can book you again!"

- Renee Dominique, Integra International, Los Angeles

"Thanks Terry! I hope you come back to DND in Victoria. The best brain speech ever!! I'm a big fan and follow your advice."

- Maria Lecinana, Department of National Defence

"Thank you for coming out last night. What an engaging evening. I am excited for the students. They have learned strategies that will help them experience greater success at school. You do amazing work, and you are appreciated!"

- Mateya Doogan, teacher, Sacred Heart Elementary School

"Terry, thank you for being part of the Hamber community. You have inspired many students and teachers. "Terry Small" has now become part of the Hamber lingo! Hope to have you again soon." 

- Professional Development Committee, Eric Hamber Secondary School

"People told me yours was their favorite talk at the TedxGreatWall event. I also listed you as the best talk on my follow up survey for TED. Really well done, and I appreciate your coming such a long way to participate!"

- Patricia Bader-Johnston, Silverbirch, Tokyo

"I'm just back from dinner with the group. We had a great day and your presentation was a real highlight. The feedback was unanimous about how powerful your presentation was, and how much take away value it had for this group of CEO's. In our end of day wrap-up, many committed to immediate action based on what they learned from you. My sincere thanks for making yourself available to our group. I will introduce you to other groups and organizations. We need to stay in touch!"

- Don Maunders, Director, On Strategy Consulting

"As always, your presentation spoke to us in such a meaningful way."

- Dana Huff, Professional Development Chair, Delta Secondary School

"I must say that one hour lesson was a lifetime eye-opener, and I thank you so much.  I always tell people about it and you. I hope I get to attend one of your seminars again."

- Linsey Keats, District of West Vancouver

"I saw you speak at the Crosscurrents Conference. I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent workshop. Hands down, the best I've ever had the chance to be part of. Thanks again!"

- Kate Cree, Prince Rupert School District

"I have sat through a lot of really tedious day long training and skills improvement courses through various employers. I generally come away feeling that it was a massive waste of everyone's time and engergy. I certainly cannot say that about your training. It was incredibly motivating and I have been using many of the techniques you mentioned to improve my reading speed. I felt like your points were very well researched, your presentation style kept everyone alert, and focused, and most of all: It works! For the first time in a very long time I feel like I am able to push through my ever expanding pile of books that I need to read. You have no idea how advantageous this course will be in my quest to keep my technical skills current. Thank you."

- Ronnie Howell, MDA Corporation, Halifax

"I have to say that this is one of the best courses I've attended anywhere. I was extremely impressed with the session content and presenter. Terry made the infomation fun, included the participants in learning demonstrations, knew his stuff cold, and supported his strategies with statistical and factual results/evidence. This capped a tremendous week of learning. Congratulations for the Human Resources folks for such a wonderful and unique opportunity provided to all employees."

- First Calgary Savings, Alberta

"I just want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your Brain Bulletins. They are so informative, and invaluable to everyone's day to day life. Great stuff you are doing for mankind! Kudos to you! And lots of it!!!"

- Lilette Paje, Manager, Lombard Canada

"Thank you for making the start of the Pathways Conference so exciting - rave reviews! The evergy level was high when you finished, and it just continued to grow over the three days!"

- Joanne Lougheed, Chair, B.C. Registered Music Teachers Association

"Thank you! The group really enjoyed it. And they are a "learned" group, and not easy to impress. And they were impressed, which is wonderful. We will work together in the future. It would be a real pleasure."

- Jackie Gorton, The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, Vancouver

"I saw your presentation as keynote speaker at ECIS in Nice 3 years ago. You are entirely crystal clear in my mind, as were your follow-up sessions too! I have received your Brain Bulletins ever since and from time to time I look at the comments and quotes and I just wanted to tell you how they have really had such a positive impact on me....I always find wisdom. You had a huge impact on me, Terry. As we say in England, you are a 'good all-round egg'!".

- Ruth Avis, European Council of International Schools Annual Conference, Nice, France

"Most useful and engaging! If there is going to be a speaker at our Palliser Opening Day in Vulcan, Terry should be the man! All teachers need to hear this latest brain research that is guaranteed to improve our scores and enhance our students' learning! Terry "practices what he preaches!"

- Palliser District Teachers Convention, Calgary

"I got so much from this man. I do not remember having learned so much from one presenter before. I highly recommend him. PHENOMENAL!!!" 

- Palliser District Teachers Convention, Calgary

"If you ever get a chance to hear Terry Small speak you MUST go. He is amazing! "

- Anne Youngs, Chapel Glen Elementary School, Indianapolis

"Thank YOU for an excellent presentation, the next day we were still talking about it....I am so happy we did this."

- Idil Yasa, Consumer & Trade Marketing VP, JTI, Geneva

"The highlight of my visits to IMD was meeting brain learning specialist, Terry Small. The minute you see Terry you want to smile. You almost instinctively know from the way he joyfully scans the room that he’s excited to be revealing information that will genuinely improve people's lives. As a life long learner and teacher, Terry’s encyclopaedic knowledge about the brain verges on the obsessive. He devours the latest research in neuroscience and simplifies the findings to show others how to learn quicker, better, faster. He has established himself as a world renowned speaker on using the brain’s natural processes to help people live healthier, happier more productive lives. The first time I heard him speak I had to stop taking notes as the nuggets of amazing facts were coming in such high quantities it was impossible to write amongst all the gasps and laughter from the corporate audience."

- Poll Moussoulides, Director of Voice Matters International, Dublin

" I don't know when I have enjoyed a Pro-D day as much as I did on Friday, I told you I had to leave after my half day off for an appt. and I couldn't drag myself away. You should be on the late night show!! I hope you are invited back."

- Kendra Law, Princess Margaret Secondary School, Surrey

 "Terry Small is one of the most interesting “brain” trainers out there. His sessions are high energy and extremely engaging and insightful.  Terry is also one of our highly regarded faculty of Leaderonomics and his insights have inspired many.  His “Brain Bulletins” are read by many in Malaysia and across Asia.. I highly recommend Terry Small as a trainer and speaker.” 

- Roshan Thiran, CEO Leaderonomics, Kuala Lumpur

"Thanks for a fantastically successful evening! Last night was one of the best attended events at the school. Obviously, word got around about how great your seminars are. The audience was riveted for a full 2 hours. The basketball team couldn't get enough! My girls got home and immediately wrote on their bathroom mirror, advertising that they were all 3 geniuses! I'm off to buy M & M cards in bulk."

- Karen Kovach, PAC, Winston Churchill Secondary School, Vancouver

" Terry and I met when he led a class on The Leadership Brain with 60 executives at the High Performance Leadership program at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. We have become great friends since and I have a lot of respect and admiration for what he does all over the globe – help people understand how important the brain is and how to take better care of it. Three years ago I interviewed almost 100 executives who attended HPL previously and Terry’s session was at the top of the list for what the leaders remembered, implemented and put into action not only for themselves, but for their families. His extended reach and IMPACT around the globe can not be measured! And, truthfully, I’m just scratching the surface of his talents. He truly is a GENIUS! That is, by the way, his trademark with audiences. Teaching everyone that we all have genius inside of us if we will just acknowledge it! "

- Ed Chaffin, President of the IMPACT Group, St. Louis

"I was curious. What new spin could Terry Small bring in connecting neuroscience to leadership development? Terry connected the dots between science and the individual's natural quest for significance. With convincing nudges towards awareness and then the uplifting realization that we are our brain. Powerful! I AM A GENIUS - that is MY choice. It is not too late and I can do something about it. Terry Small, YOU are GENIUS!"

- Sulynn Choong, Founder of Asian Center for Applied Positive Psychology, Malaysia

"Both you and the seminar content received raving reviews. You created a lot of buzz from the participants....you will be contacted in the future to make some return visits."

- Shirley Bains, Manager, B.C. Ferries, Victoria

"Terry, I've got to say, Brain Bulletin 97 is right on the money! These Brain Bulletins are brilliant." 

- Brian Tull, GP Strategies Corporation, Vancouver

"Terry Small, you amaze me with your depth and breadth of knowledge and wisdom." 

- Trevor Teter, Department Chair of Special Education, J.L.Long Middle School, Dallas, Texas

"Terry, your findings are so relevant in the social media -screen age. And you are funny"

- Betsy Rogers, Parent, Yokohama

"Our staff would like to thank you for your engaging presentation. You made us laugh, and you gave us so much to think about.....WOW!"

- Delta Secondary School Professional Development Committee, Delta

Terry Small is an exceptional teacher,  and educator. He has more knowledge about how the brain functions than most people and knows to clearly explain how people can learn better and take care of their mental health. Terry is wonderful in engaging audiences by promoting highly interactive discussions on leadership. He has made us realize that there is a bit of genius in all of us and that we can use this “geniality” to go to the next level in our leadership journey."

- Francisco Szekely, Ph.D., Sandoz family Foundation Professor of Leadership and sustainability and Director, IMD Global Centre for Sustainability Leadership, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland

Terry really is a genius. He possesses the remarkable ability to educate, engage and entertain an audience - whether it is a roomful of school kids, or a roomful of senior executives. Leveraging the latest learning from the world of neuroscience, Terry inspires people to make small, actionable, daily changes that lead to healthier and happier lives.

- Susan Goldsworthy, Co-Author of Award Winning Books, Choosing Change & Care to Dare, Geneva

"What a great way to start our day. A HUGE thanks to you for providing your expertise and knowledge to our Lottery group. Sharing that "learning to learn is the most important skill a person can acquire" made us all aware of the importance of being open to new and innovative ideas. Your enthusiasm generated a lot of energy throughout the entire conference! Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future."

- Peter Grayton, Sales Manager, Washington State Lottery

"Thank you for the awesome session your did for the parents tonight. Very inspiring. You involved everyone and made it entertaining, and at the same time we were all learning. We hope you will come again soon. You are a genius!"

- Kulvir Mann, PAC Co Chair, Canyon Heights Elementary School, North Vancouver

"I had the opportunity of working with Terry in many programs with over 70 international top leaders from a variety of different industries. I have seen him handle difficult audiences skillfully, conveying the latest highly complex neurological findings in a simple, down to earth and pragmatic way. He makes "interesting" science and theory relevant for modern leaders by bringing it to the realm of the useful. After working with Terry, my brain never thought of itself in the same way. Terry brings awareness into action."

- Alejandro Altieri, Executive Coach, Switzerland

"Kudos to you. Our events were well attended and we have had rave reviews that guests and residents loved your presentations. Lets keep in touch for the near future." 

- Louisa Flinn, VP Sales and Marketing, PARC Retirement Living, Vancouver

“Last night, we spent two hours with the Brain Guy, Terry Small. If you're looking for an upbeat, original, inspiring and informative speaker for the next GMS global conference, he would be great for your growing team of "leaders". I have seen hundreds of speakers and he is one of the best and most practical for our business of developing leaders. He does "The Leadership Brain" seminars at the Executive Development Program at IMD in Lausanne as well as for another leadership programme in Hong Kong.”

- GMS Group, Singapore

"I attended one of Terry's presentations 10 years ago and have been faithfully following him ever since. His powerful insights and subtle suggestions have had a big impact on the way I experience this journey called 'life'. Thanks, Terry!"

- Sandra Polley, Copywriter, San Francisco

"Terry presented at our teacher conference and wowed us all. He was engaging, funny and full of practical tips for getting (and keeping) students engaged. His Brain Bulletins are insightful, and keep me learning about my own brain."

- Sylvia Bell, Gongaza University, Spokane

"Terry, I received such great unsolicited feedback on your talk - as always. Wonderful to see you again and hopefully we can do it again in the Fall. You are a genius! "

- Linda Guenther, Human Resources, City of Coquitlam

"Terry Small is transforming how we think about our brain. He is both passionate and inspiring as he shares his knowledge and research on brain science. His presentations are informative and entertaining.......he truly is the "Brain Guy".

- Joyce Crouch, Partner - Dynamic Links International, Cincinnati

"Wonderful keynote and workshop! Thank you. It was a pleasure to have you wake us up."

- Alexandra Bulau, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Vancouver

"It was so rewarding to see everyone’s face’s light up in your engaging and informative keynote and workshop. I love seeing people learn!!"

- Angela Forraunet, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Vancouver

"You were terrific!  I appreciate the pilgrimage to Aspen/Snowmass. Everyone totally enjoyed and appreciated your presentation. I will definitely suggest you as a speaker at our Chicago conference."

- Andy Torelli, President, E3 Financial, Los Angeles

"Thank YOU for the wonderful insight into “THE BRAIN!” I’ve heard nothing but good things about the session. We loved having you!"

- Crystal Ortega, Arthur J. Callagher & Co., Los Angeles

"Terry's energy and passion are infectious. He has wowed our clients with a combination expert knowledge and showmanship that keeps people on the edge of their seats!"

- Chris Zarodkiewicz, President Cezars international KK, Japan

Terry Small, the Brain Guy, brings an impressive knowledge of how the brain to works, to an increasing breadth of subjects. Many years ago, I introduced my children, to Terry`s "HOW TO GET BETTER GRADES AT SCHOOL" talk. It was an immense help. Subsequently, I have experienced a number of his corporate presentations in Japan, and I have always found that Terry blended substance with a incredible ability to capture his audience with his presentation skills. Terry Small is a Genius, and most importantly he convinces us that we are too!

- Lowell Sheppard, Pacific Director, HOPE International Development Agency, Nagoya

"Terry, I received much positive feedback on your contribution. To round it up in one sentence, several experienced dealers mentioned that your presentation was something that was never done before in the bicycle industry and that it showed that we are thinking differently than the industry tends to. I think it is a great compliment and an indication we are on the right track. Thanks again for all your contributions!"

- Robert Reijers, CEO Cervelo, Toronto

"Thanks again for such a wonderful day yesterday. I have spoken to many staff, and the feedback on the day has been great. "You are a genius."

- Darren Skog, Assistant Superintendent, Red River Valley School Division, Manitoba

"Thank you so much, Terry. I loved your presentations and have a plan to work with the MYs students on effective study habits - beginning with the strategies we learned at the presentations. This was a wonderful professional development opportunity for me."

- Darlene DeMerchant, Director of Curriculum, St. Margaret's School, Victoria

"Thank you so much for coming out and giving us a great presentation…the staff feedback has been very positive. I’m already looking at later in the year and even at the 15/16 calendar to see if I can arrange another session. We really enjoyed learning with you and there was lots of discussion today about the presentation."

- Alaina Smith, Principal Vancouver Hebrew Academy

"We have had a tremendous amount of positive feedback on your presentation from staff, and even de-briefed some of your ideas at our staff meeting yesterday. We would love to have you back at a future date."

- Pam Sandhu, Princess Margaret Secondary School, Surrey

"I love your seminars..you are a true educator genius!!. We may look at having you come again next year for another one."

- Arlene Vanderhoeven, PAC Killarney Secondary School, Vancouver

"People here, parents, students, staff, cannot stop talking about the excellent presentation from last night. You are a very gifted educator - you made a long day seem very short for all our community."

- Gaileen Woytko, Director of Development & Operations, Deer Lake School Burnaby

"Terry, I saw you speak in Kamloops a few years ago at our teacher Pro D. You have inspired me ever since. I created "Brain Tips" for our staff based on your Brain Bulletins. Still a VERY big fan!."

- Maureen Plutt, Kamloops School District

"Terry, on behalf of the 200ish parents and students from Frost Road Elementary that you spoke to last night, thank you SO much for your engaging presentation! Your mix of current research interspersed with common-sense strategies and practical tips … and peppered with humour, brain breaks and even magic tricks is such a rich gift. I know our children are set to greet each new day with a tool box full of tactics that work! Thank you for all you do!"

- Sara Grant, PAC Frost Road Elementary School, Surrey

"Thank you Terry for conducting the seminar, it was a delightful experience for me personally. Great tips for adult and students supported by solid research, you left everyone enthralled with the amazing tricks.....it was absorbing!!"

- Ritu Ahuja, PAC Deer Lake School, Burnaby

"Terry, I was honoured to be able to bring you to Byng and I have heard nothing but positive feedback from parents and students who were informed, enlightened and entertained!"

- Rhianon Paterson, PAC Lord Byng Secondary School, Vancouver

"Your presentation was inspiring and I am already using your ideas with my students. I enjoy sharing stories with the kids, and your presentation reaffirmed the importance of this useful technique for engagement and connection. The kids often come up and ask, "Tell us a story!" As we begin work on next year's professional development schedule, I will be sure to mention you. Our whole faculty would benefit from your presentation."

- Nate Mylin, The Orchard School, Indianapolis

"I brought my basketball team to see you. Since your presentation I used a number of your techniques and strategies within my coaching. One thing I did was to ask my team to go home and write our goals somewhere where they can see them every day. The first one was City Championship, which we won. The next one was Lower Mainland Championship, which we lost in the finals by 3 points. And finally was Provincial Championship, which we won last week for the first time in our schools history. All of the kids bought in and believed and wrote their statements/goals at home and/or as their screen savers on their phones. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that your presentation not only impacted me as a person, teacher and coach but had a great impact on all of my players. Thank you!"

- Rick Lopez, Senior Boys Basketball Head Coach, Winston Churchill Secondary School, Vancouver

Word on the street (well, at least Pension Corp. hallways) is that Terry’s workshops are awesome!

- Deanna MacDonald, Pension Corp, Victoria

Terry is a fabulous speaker. I used him for the BC Society of Laboratory Science Annual Congress twice [Med Lab Technologists] and for the Dental Technicians Association of BC conference. He was great for both.

I believe he could easily meaningfully address GP’s. They will learn something and enjoy it at the same time. Not only does he give some interesting information about the brain and its elasticity, ground breaking brain research and how to use your brain, he is very entertaining while doing it. Go for it!

- Malcolm Ashford, Executive Director, B.C. Society of Laboratory Science, Vancouver

It was an awesome presentation! I came home with more than reading skills I came home excited to learn more about the brain! Looking forward to more presentations, Terry!

- Larraine Burrus, Vancouver