Wire Your Brain for High Impact Leadership - 5 Things Every Leader Must know About the Brain

Do the people you work with describe you as a secure base?

How can you use brain science to become a more effective leader? 

Leadership has emerged as one of the most important variables that can shape and define our world. Cognitive neuroscientists are gaining greater insights into how the brain engages, interacts, at work.

Intertwining his expertise and experience in working with 301,000 people around the world, Terry Small will show you techniques, and introduce skills that will allow your to bring your leadership abilities to the very highest levels. Terry is an expert in translating brain research into workplace practice. Most importantly, you will learn how to incorporate knowledge into behaviour, manage change, and get things done! This is a whole new approach to leading yourself, and your team. 

What you will learn in this new presentation

  • A model for a mindful, whole-brain approach for gaining a following.
  • Practical tips, secrets, and strategies that you can start using immediately!
  • 3 influence techniques that every leader must know about. 
  • How words can change the brain. 
  • Understanding the adult brain, and how to apply these lessons to effective organizational leadership and team management. 
  • How to use a brain-based approach initiate and lead change in your organization, and in your life. 
  • Understanding how your thinking habits influence other people's actions, especially with problem solving and conflict resolution.  
  • What is "narrative transportation"? And why it is your secret weapon. 
  • How to use the "Primacy and Recency Effect" to instantly become a better communicator. 
  • The importance of being present, and real. 
  • How multi-tasking might be destroying your ability to focus.
  • How to exercise your leadership potential in this age of disruption, uncertainty, anxiety & complexity.

"I have to say that this is one of the best courses I've attended anywhere. I was extremely impressed with the session content and presenter. Terry made the infomation fun, included the participants in learning demonstrations, knew his stuff cold, and supported his strategies with statistical and factual results/evidence. This capped a tremendous week of learning. Congratulations for the Human Resources folks for such a wonderful and unique opportunity provided to all employees."

- First Calgary Savings, Alberta

"I truly enjoy everything you do and say. So much to learn. Terry, THANK YOU!!! You did a great job for us. Thanks for making the conference better by being part of it. You are such a professional and fun person to work with. Partners in the future again, for sure."

- Cathy Campbell, President Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors, Toronto

"Thank you! The group really enjoyed it. And they are a "learned" group, and not easy to impress. And they were impressed, which is wonderful. We will work together in the future. It would be a real pleasure."

- Jackie Gorton, The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, Vancouver

"I'm just back from dinner with the group. We had a great day and your presentation was a real highlight. The feedback was unanimous about how powerful your presentation was, and how much take away value it had for this group of CEO's. In our end of day wrap-up, many committed to immediate action based on what they learned from you. My sincere thanks for making yourself available to our group. I will introduce you to other groups and organizations. We need to stay in touch!"

- Don Maunders, Director, On Strategy Consulting