More than a story - How words can change the brain

Stories can move mountains.

Stories are how our brains learn best, affecting and shaping us. They are the most effective communication tool we have. In fact, stories are the #1 brain state changer on the planet because they connect brain and heart. People don't connect with charts, graphs, and documents. We connect with people. So if you want to energize and influence people, use stories.

" Terry this is so important. Thank you for your constant bright content. It's medicine for me! "  ~ Leah Ward, Maximus Canada Employment Services

People accept ideas more readily when brains are in story-mode as opposed to an analytical mind-set! Brain science tells us why.

Everyone loves a good story. In this cutting-edge seminar you will discover the latest neuro-scientific findings on how stories affect the brain, and why leaders, teachers, parents, coaches, all of us should tell more stories. A story told, at the right time, gives people a picture, not of who they are, but who they might become. It provides hope for the future.

Our love of storytelling reveals much about the workings of the mind.

"Authenticity is your greatest character strength, Terry, and you are a real embodiment of it. Never stop inspiring people around you! We need it. Thank you for spending the time. It was an experience I will never forget. We'll keep in touch. Thank you again!" ~ George Kokolas, Express Publishing, Athens, Greece

This is one of Terry's favourite talks to deliver. During this presentation you will:

  • be inspired by great stories.
  • discover why our love of stories is its own story!
  • master the art and disciple of narrative, and become a better storyteller yourself!
  • discover why stories transport the brain... scientists have a name for this...
  • learn why words + neuroplasticity matter.
  • why stories play a pivotal role in change.
  • why stories provide hope ... which is as vital to the brain as oxygen!
  • learn how to integrate stories into any subject matter, conversation, or negotiation.
  • why storytelling is not the "icing", it's the "cake".
  • learn where to find great stories... and much more!

Storytelling can be used to handle the most important and difficult challenges of life, leadership, and learning ... sparking people to work together and move into a positive future. You have a story to tell. Tell it well and you will create a shared experience with your listeners that can have lasting results.

         "Tell the right story at the right time to the right people and make a difference!"

{The length of this session can be customized for your group. It can be live or online.}