OptimaLearning® Classics

Only $17.77Optimal Learning® Classics Learning & Relaxation Volume 2 (CD)Magnificent Baroque masterpieces scientifically selected and sequenced for learning and relaxation

With these cds, Accelerated Learning expert, Dr. Ivan Barzakov PH.D. incorporates 35 years of work by famed Bulgarian psychiatrist Dr. George Lozanov, with his own expanded and updated techniques. These classical music cds provide optimal brain/mind stimulation and inspiration. The inherent harmonies and structures within the music are being synchronized with specific neurophysiological mechanisms of the brain.

Here's what you get:

  • Dramatically better concentration and work performance
  • Enhanced learning
  • Much stronger memory and recall
  • Super productivity
  • More relaxation, less stress
  • Creativity and healing

Feel how the beauty of great music provides optimal enjoyment and multiple benefits.

Each cd offers 2 carefully crafted easy to use techniques with written instructions and concise information.

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