Storytelling and the Brain - How Stories Change the Brain!

Stories are how the brain learns best.

Stories profoundly affect and shape brains. They are the most effective teaching tool we have. Stories are the #1 brain state changer on the planet because they connect brain and heart. People accept ideas more readily when brains are in story mode as opposed to an analytical mind-set! Find out why!

In this cutting-edge seminar you will discover the latest neuro-scientific findings on how stories affect the brain and why teachers must include more stories in the classroom. Our love of storytelling reveals much about the workings of the mind.

You will:

  • be inspired by great stories.
  • become a better storyteller yourself!
  • discover why stories transport the brain... scientists have a name for this... do you know what it is?
  • learn how to integrate stories into any subject matter.
  • learn where to find great stories... and much more!