Study for Success

Discover the Secrets of Smart Students

Have you ever noticed that the most intelligent people in your class aren't always the ones who get staight A's? How do they do it? The answer is simple: They've discovered that earning high grades requires more than just a good brain. It requires mastery of a method. 

Good learning skills are key to success in school - and life. 

Study for Success gives you practical, no-nonsense advice on maximizing your learning experience. It's based on the latest, cutting-edge brain science. 

You will learn to apply a powerful new system of learning and remembering to all types of materials (and score higher on tests and final exams). 

"Dear Mr. Small. My name is J.S. and I attended your  session at MEI Middle School. I used the information that you spoke of and was able to get 100% on my geography test. Thanks you very much, I will continue to use it as I go on with my studies."

This effective system emphasizes learning rather than rote memory. Boredom is eliminated through "focussed, active learning". No more getting to the bottom of a page and wondering what you just read.

Becoming a Master Learner requires mastery of a method. This seminar has proven to be so effective that you are guaranteed to improve your learning and/or grades (even if you are already getting high grades).

Also guaranteed: increased self-confidence, more free time and more fun in learning. If you need to be able to learn quickly and understand what you learn, you need to take this seminar.

Study better, test smarter, get great grades and......

  • Manage your time.
  • Prepare for test day, and overcome anxiety.
  • Increase your ability to retain facts and lists and perform better on exams.
  • Take accurate and helpful notes.
  • Learn the best exam tricks of the trade!
  • Discover the #1 study technique on the planet! 
  • Set up a brain-based study environment.
  • Learn to use music to accelerate your learning. 
  • Raise your grades in every class.

Study smarter, not harder! 

"Hello Mr. Small. I am a grade nine at Southpointe Academy. I attended the seminar regarding good helpful studying skills. I really enjoyed the seminar and it is most likely the reason I am a straight A student today."                                                                             ~ C.P., Southpointe Academy