The Business of Learning

Preparing Your Mind for the Future

The success you achieve in life depends on the knowledge you possess. But today, with vast amounts of information pouring in every minute from hundreds of sources, acquiring the knowledge you need has become a major challenge. This session gives you clear and practical ideas to help you learn anything better, easier, faster - and to help you master the skills of absorbing, retaining and using knowledge more effectively.

In this humorous, results-oriented seminar, you will learn:

  • how to overcome limiting beliefs that block your ability to learn and to succeed;
  • how to set up a "brain friendly" environment that supports learning and work;
  • how to reduce stress from information overload;
  • how to read faster and remember more
  • how to think more creatively
  • how to take amazing notes

You will also learn:

  • the #1 skill that experts agree is the most crucial to your success
  • and much more!