The errant 'E' Homework sign missing letter in Smith

by Lea Storry

Originally published by The Slave River Journal - Sept. 20th, 2006

It's one lesson the South Slave Divisional Education Council (SSDEC) is smiling about. A sign posted on the Fort Smith Fire Department is missing an "E" in one of its words.

"I'd like to say we planned it because it created a lot of discussion," laughed Brent Kaulback, program coordinator with the SSDEC. "Just when the sign was printed, the "E" disappeared."

The sign is to encourage students to do their homework and reads:

"Make a habit out of homework!
Homework habits creat [sic] success!"

"The Homework Committee was thrilled with the response of town residents who phoned to tell us that the "E" was missing from the banner," said Kaulback. "The missing "E" has served to highlight, in a humorous way, the work of the committee and the need for effective study skills and a nightly routine of homework. It's obvious that many people in this town have done their homework!"

Kaulback said the poster will be re-done, this time with the "E" in the right spot.

"We have found the "E" and will have it in place in the next couple of days."

Small's homework habits

Meanwhile, 130 students and parents showed up to a presentation by Terry Small last Thursday, Sept. 14 at PWK. Small gave pupils 18 study tips and ways to get better grades at school.

"People left quite excited," said Brent Kaulback. "I was thrilled with the level of interest and participation."

Two important tips Small left students with are to establish goals and let other people know about them. Also, students can create future report cards so they have something to strive for.

"Small told them they should also study by standing and walking around; you can remember 10 per cent more."

Kaulback asserted memory cards can also help retain data as well as highlighting important material in red.

"Your mind is more sensitive to the red colour than any other colour."