The Leadership Brain 

Learning to Lead with the Brain in Mind

The brain has everything to do with who we are and what we do, and leadership is all about influencing who we are and what we do. So it's important to understand how brains are influenced.

  • Ninety percent of what we know about the brain has been learned in the last 2 years. So, how can you use the growing body of research on the brain to become a more effective leader? 
  • Why does the brain resist change that often prevents new ideas from being accepted? 
  • How do thinking habits influence our actions, especially with problem solving and conflict resolution? 

Come and hear what Terry Small, a leader in the field of translating brain research into practice, has to say about brain engagement and learning to lead with the brain in mind.

"You are definitely a genius! Our participants LOVED your session. It had a profound impact on all of us, and everybody is much more aware about their brain NOW." - Daniela Sfameni, Managing Director, UBS, Zurich

You will learn:

  • The 5 things that Brain Science says that leaders MUST get right.
  • Leading from the Mind’s Eye.
  • Rewiring your brain for leadership.
  • Leading self and others at the edge.
  • The science of peak performance.
  • The science of not being boring.
  • Creating influence through an understanding of the brain.
  • The incredible importance of being a secure base and building trust.
  • What the amazing discovery of mirror neurons means for leaders and their teams.
  • The importance of bonding (not what you think), and being a "secure base".
  • Understanding that the person in never the problem.
  • What people say they would like to most in their leaders.
  • How to influence and lead without "positional authority.
  • Learn to lead yourself and your team more effectively!

"Both you and the seminar content received raving reviews. You created a lot of buzz from the will be contacted in the future to make some return visits." - Shirley Bains, Manager, B.C. Ferries, Victoria

“Last night, we spent two hours with the Brain Guy, Terry Small. If you're looking for an upbeat, original, inspiring and informative speaker for the next GMS global conference, he would be great for your growing team of "leaders". I have seen hundreds of speakers and he is one of the best and most practical for our business of developing leaders. He does "The Leadership Brain" seminars at the Executive Development Program at IMD in Lausanne as well as for another leadership programme in Hong Kong.” - GMS Group, Singapore

" I interviewed almost 100 executives who attended HPL previously and Terry’s session was at the top of the list for what the leaders remembered, implemented and put into action not only for themselves, but for their families. His extended reach and IMPACT around the globe can not be measured! And, truthfully, I’m just scratching the surface of his talents. He truly is a GENIUS! That is, by the way, his trademark with audiences. Teaching everyone that we all have genius inside of us if we will just acknowledge it! " - Ed Chaffin, President of the IMPACT Group, St. Louis

{ This presentation can be a keynote, or a workshop. It can be in-person or online. The length of time of the session is flexible. It will also be customized for your group. }