Triple Your Reading Speed

You can read faster, remember more, and get great results!

Do you have enough time to read? Are you tired of feeling info-whelmed? Too many emails? Have you ever finished a page and asked yourself, "What did I just read?" Chances are, you are reading far below your capabilities.

Whether you are a student, business person, or a recreational reader... you can quickly, easily, and dramatically improve speed and comprehension! Now you can take control of your reading with international learning expert Terry Small. You can start reading faster today. 

Using the latest discoveries about the brain and learning, Terry has trained over 230,000 people to boost their reading power, and move ahead at school or on the job!

In addition, vocabulary enrichment will be stressed. Invest in yourself! Knowledge is power! Learning to learn, in a fast changing world,  has never been more important.

" It was an awesome presentation! I came home with more than reading skills I came home excited to learn more about the brain! Looking forward to more presentations, Terry! "  - Larraine Burrus, Vancouver

You will:

  • Get the most powerful reading tool ever invented. 
  • Quickly increase your reading speed.
  • Learn the #1 secret of comprehension. (It's not what you think.) 
  • Save a lot of time!
  • Learn memory enhancing techniques.
  • Learn the real reason reading is so good for your brain.
  • Improve your vocabulary.
  • Learn motivational tips, plus advice on goal-setting and time management. 
  • Decide what to read, and what not to read.
  • Understand confusing, or poorly written material.
  • And tons more...... 

Even if you consider yourself a hopelessly 'slow reader', this time tested seminar will work for you! At last, a speed reading program that works!

Terry Small is a master teacher and trainer. He has presented his ideas to over 230,000 people. These ideas were recently featured on CTV, Global, BCTV, CKNW and in Student Success. His sessions are described as practical, fun, and provoking. Terry believes success is a skill anyone can learn.

"Terry, I received such great unsolicited feedback on your talk - as always. Wonderful to see you again and hopefully we can do it again in the Fall. You are a genius! " - Linda Guenther, Human Resources, City of Coquitlam

"Terry's energy and passion are infectious. He has wowed our clients with a combination expert knowledge and showmanship that keeps people on the edge of their seats!" - Chris Zarodkiewicz, President Cezars international KK, Japan

{To book a private session of this seminar for your school or organization please contact Terry Small at: or 604-535-0063. This session is also offered as a public seminar.}