Brain Bulletin 120 - Is Your Hippo Happy?

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Brain Bulletin 120 - Is Your Hippo Happy?
If you're worried about your brain health, you're not alone. 

J. Stanford once said, "Health is state of body. Wellness is a sate of being." Maintaining both is not always easy.

Much of health and wellness comes down to having a "happy hippo". 
You hippocampus is a big deal. It's your memory center, and taking care of it can prevent memory loss that sometimes comes with age.
Your hippo is special because it has a high turnover rate. That is, it regenerates brains cells at a rapid rate.
This is good, but it also makes your hippo vulnerable. This process generates a high level of oxidation, or wear-and-tear.
This is where a smart diet comes in. Food can be a medicine, or a toxin.
Your brain is affected more than any other organ by what you eat.  Eating brain smart foods is one of the fastest ways to keep your hippo happy.
Some of my favorites:
  • fish (or sea-based supplements)
  • olive oil.
  • eggs
  • avocado
  • prunes
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • field berries
  • deeply colored veggies
  • artichokes
  • coffee ( no sugar )
  • tea
  • turmeric
  • yogurt
As much as possible, I try and stay with natural, whole, richly colored foods.
Someone once said, "The more you eat out of a box, the sooner you end up in a box."
Remember, lifespan is not the same as healthspan. Lets try for both!
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