Brain Bulletin #1 - The Sleeping Giant

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Your brain is a sleeping giant!

Recent cutting-edge, startling research from neuroscience has shown that the potential of your brain is vastly greater than you ever imagined. You have heard me say that you only use 10% of your brain's potential. This is wrong. You actually use much less! Discouraged? Don't be! It means that you have more than 90% of your potential still to use.

This is not to be confused with using your physical brain. You use 100 % of that. Rather, this references your brain's capacity to think, learn, imagine, dream, plan, create......

Scientists believe that you have over 100 billion neurons. Twenty-five thousand of them can fit on the head of a pin without touching each other. Each of these brain cells can send out as many as 10,000 connections to other cells. You brain, in fact, can make more connections than the number of known atoms in the universe. Essentially unlimited. 

Most people never really learn very much about their brains - how to use them or how to care for them. They can be compared to the owner of a Formula One racing car who, being unaware of how incredibly complicated and sophisticated the car is, puts water in the gas tank and sand in the engine, and then complains that it doesn't work very well!

Learning to use your brain is like learning to drive a car. The more you know about the car, and how to drive it, the farther you will go. Your brain is the same. The more you know about it, and how to use it, the more successful you will be! You have a Formula One brain. Drive it like a champion.

Terry Small's Brain Bulletin will help you to get more out of your brain. And fast! It will arrive every month. Always short, to the point, and based on solid research. No time wasting. You will be pleased, provoked, and most likely awed by what you learn. You have a Formula One brain. Drive it like a champion!

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Remember....take care of your brain, and don't neglect your heart.