Brain Bulletin #10 - How to Cut Your Learning Time In Half

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How would you like to cut your learning work load in half? And remember more! Then be a MULTI-TRACKER.

Multi-tracking information to your brain is one of the greatest learning shortcuts on the planet. It is one of my favourites. As a speaker to schools, businesses, and organizations, I have to learn a lot. And do it quickly. This technique literally cut my work load IN HALF!

So, what is multi-tracking? Just as there are probably several roads that lead to your house, there are several pathways to your brain upon which you learn. They are called neural pathways. The 3 main ones are seeing, hearing, and touching. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Anytime you have to learn or remember something...ask," How can I see, hear, and touch this all at the same time?" Then get creative: take notes, say it out loud, sing the material, talk in a funny voice, listen to cassettes, use memory and mastery cards, a cover card, create a mnemonic, form a study group, teach someone. The list is endless.

The keys: See it, say it, touch it...remember it.

In the next Brain Bulletin I will tell you about a great recipe I came across for a brain food snack. It works and it tastes good!