Brain Bulletin #101 - A Popular Super Brain Food to Keep You Smart

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Pass the avocado. It can help keep you smart.

This super food is a gold mine of benefits for your brain and body. Consider this:

- Avocados contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, both are great for your brain.

- Avocado improves blood flow to your pre-frontal cortex. This helps you with planning, critical thinking, and decision making (British Journal of Neurosurgery, Dec. 2011).

- They contain fats that are good for you. Reducing your risk of stroke, and heart attack (Kansas State University).

- They help you absorb nutrients from other foods.

- Avocado is high in anti-oxidant capacity. Helps fight inflammation.

- Avocado is high in fiber. This improves your metabolic health.

- They are rich in potassium, which is linked to reduced blood pressure. Again helping to reduce your risk of stroke (Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Apr. 2005).

- Avocados also contain folate. Folate helps to maintain your brain function and memory.

Plus, avocados just taste good. They do have plenty of calories, but remember these are not empty calories. And avocado makes you feel full, so you may end up eating less. Just a quarter of an avocado a day is all you need. You can add avocado to salad, sandwiches, smoothies, healthy dips, or eat it on its own......your brain will thank you. Remember, food can be a medicine for your brain.

Here are 20 more brain foods to add to your grocery list:

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Remember, you get one brain....keep it healthy.

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