Brain Bulletin #107 - Number One Rule for Better Sleep

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A lack of sleep is bad for our brains. 
It's also bad for the trajectory of our day, our productivity, and our social interactions. In fact nothing is probably more damaging to the way others perceive us than the impact of chronic sleep deprivation. 
JoJo Jensen once said, "Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds." This made me laugh, but it's probably true. 
Here's my Number 1 Rule for better sleep: Protect your final hour.
For many years, the last thing I would do before bed was check social media, and emails. Then I would go to bed and think about what I had just done. The combination of blue light and social interaction had given my brain a good reason to stay awake. It often took a long time to fall asleep. Often, I would wake up during the night and continue with these thoughts.
Now I protect my last hour. No more electronics. I often read, or listen to music. I have never slept better! The difference was immediate, and remarkable.
Why not give it a try? Your brain might just reward you with a better sleep, and a better day tomorrow.
Here are some other sleep improvement tactics that actually work :

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It's been a busy time for me. Sorry to take so long to get this Bulletin out.
I just returned from a speaking trip to Switzerland. It was an honour to speak to Indosuez Wealth Management in Geneva. I also got to hang out with friends, go hiking, and attend the Montreux Jazz Festival.
This fall and winter, I have international speaking trips scheduled for Switzerland again, Sweden, Brazil, and India. As well as lots of presentations here in Canada. 
I've also created a new presentation called, "Health & Safety with Your Brain in Mind". Safety is job #1. 
Thanks for taking the time to read this Brain Bulletin. I know you are busy, so I appreciate it. Please feel free to share it.  

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