Brain Bulletin 118 - The Rule of Twos

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Brain Bulletin 118 - The Rule of Twos 
Eat twice as often. 
Eat half as much.
Chew twice as long. 
"A full belly makes a dull brain." ~ Ben Franklin 
This made me laugh, because there is some truth to it. 
The Rule of Twos helps us think clearer, eat smarter, and be learner. 
It turns out grazing* is good for our brains because of the slow, steady release of nutrients that nourish the brain. And no spikes. 
Here are just some of the benefits:
  • happier, calmer mood
  • lower Alzheimer's risk
  • healthier cerebral blood vessels
  • lower inflammation
  • regulated blood pressure
  • more enjoyment from eating 
So >  eat less + more often = live smarter + longer 
{ That's math I can live with! } 
It's amazing what happens when you work with, rather than against, your brain.
Wishing you a healthy, happy brain,
* Mattson M, et al. Meal size and frequency affect neuronal plasticity and vulnerability to disease: cellular and molecular mechanisms, Neurochem. 
Here's a bit more on gratitude:
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What am I reading right now? Actually, I'm re-reading "The Talent Code" by Daniel Coyle. Lots of excellent reminders for these challenging times. My daily pattern is to read for 30 minutes, then go for an outdoor walk to think about what I've read.

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