Brain Bulletin #15 - A Surprising Study

in Brain Bulletin

Laughter is good for your brain! 

A laugh floods your brain with chemical reactions that help your brain perform better and last longer. According to recent studies on your brain, when you laugh here's what you get:

  • increased flow of brain neuro-transmitters.
  • increased attention levels.
  • greater rapport.
  • lower physical and mental stress.
  • increased memory.
  • enhanced self-esteem.
  • increased optimism.
  • greater creativity.
  • increased divergent thinking.
  • increased number of immune cells. can we get more laughs? A fascinating study recently found that only 15% of laughs are humour related.A whopping 85% of all laughs are people related. Laughter seems to be not primarily a function of humour, but rather social interaction.

The formula for a healthier brain...spend time with people. The study found that you are 30 times more likely to laugh; when you are with other people than when you are alone!

Today, with virtual communication so prevalent, we seem to be decreasing our social interaction. Try to spend more time with people. When you are with others laughter seems to be as natural for your brain as breathing!

In the next Brain Bulletin you will learn what it really takes to get top marks in school.