Brain Bulletin #2 - Is Your Brain Dying?

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It's never too early to save your brain.

Many neuroscientists believe that age-related damage in your brain begins the day you are born. So when should you start worrying about loss of brain power with age? Right now. Think about it. If your brain goes...what's left? You have a lot depending upon, and much invested in your mental performance, and your memories. If you haven't been caring for your brain before - it's time to start!

Brain disease, like Alzheimer's, doesn't begin the day it is diagnosed. It starts much earlier. Research seems to point a finger at free radical damage. Damage which starts early with small undetectable hits on brain cells. Your brain is very fatty which makes it vulnerable to free radical attack. Such attacks can lead to neuronal death, and faulty brain circuitry.

Antioxidants can help. Lots of research shows that animals fed antioxidants are healthier, mentally sharper, and live longer. One study showed that pregnant mice fed antioxidants gave birth to offspring that aged more slowly. Sounds good to me!

So, what are the best brain-saving fruits and vegetables? Number 1 is a virtual powerhouse of antioxidants for your brain! It's cheap. It tastes good. It's in every supermarket. And it's probably not part of your daily diet (add it fast!). What is it?


One single prune has an antioxidant capacity (ORAC) of 5770. Double #2 on the list! In our house, we now have a container of prunes (beside the fruit bowl) in plain view. One a day. What could be easier?

Remember: the earlier you care for your brain the better it will perform at any age.

In the next Brain Bulletin I will tell you the next 19 fruits and vegetables on the list. What do your think they are? Make a list and see how many you can identify. I think some may surprise you.