Brain Bulletin #24 - This is Your Brain on Music

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You brain affects everything you do. Smart people know how to affect their brains

Music has a powerful affect on your brain. Do you ever play music at home to affect the brain states of your dinner guests? Is music played at stores, restaurants, sports venues, and places of worship to affect brain state? Of course it is.

By really understanding and experiencing the powerful effects that certain music has on your brain you can get your brain to do so much more for your. Your brain is at its "learning best" when it is in alpha brain wave state. This state occurs when your heart beat is at rest. Baroque music, between 55 - 70 beats per minute gets your brain into alpha state and keeps it there. It produces a magical flow state!

Here is what you get:

  • more learning in less time
  • lower stress levels
  • increased concentration
  • improved memory
  • enhanced creativity
  • better grades in school
  • increased blood flow to your brain
  • a real sense of being "uplifted" and feeling good

I have been using baroque music for years.

What are you waiting for? It is as simple as hitting the on button!

In the next Brain Bulletin you learn about a recent phenomenal discovery about your brain!