Brain Bulletin #33 - How to Make a Brain Dumb

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How would you make a rat baby dumb?

Japanese researchers set out to answer this question. The scientists rounded up 2 groups of pregnant rats. Group one was given a diet adequate in omega-3 fatty acids. Group 2 was given a diet deficient in omega-3 fatty acids.

Two months after the baby rats were born they were given learning tests. Group 1, the fish oil rich diet group, did great. 100% learned a task after only 3 tries. Group 2 did not do well. Only 35% of them could learn the task....even after 20 tries!

Conclusion: one way to limit the learning ability of young rats...deprive them of brain-building DHA.

In Japan, health authorities don't take brain health lightly. DHA is very important for bright, functioning brains. The Japanese fortify many foods with DHA.

I try to eat fish 3 times a week. I also take a fish supplement.

Take care of your brain. People with good brains make good students, parents, leaders, etc.

I read a great article in the next Brain Bulletin I will share it with you