Brain Bulletin #45 - Smiling Makes Your Brain Happy

in Brain Bulletin

Smiling has a big impact on your brain.

Sometimes feeling great is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of you feeling great! In fact, rigorous studies show that the simple act of smiling triggers big changes in your brain. Frowning also triggers changes in you brain.

Studies on the brain show that smiling causes people to feel happy. These studies show that smiling causes physiological changes in the brain that cools your blood. This results in you feeling positive. Frowning warms your blood, which causes you to feel negative.

One study found that these changes can even happen by saying the letter "e" and "o" over and over again. Saying the letter "e" forces a slight smile and saying the letter "o" forces a slight frown.

Another study found that people who put a pencil between their teeth feel better than those who put a pencil between their lips. The former forces a slight smile, the later a slight frown.....and the brain follows.

Studies also show that smiling releases t-cells into your body which help keep you from getting sick!

One of my goals this year is to smile more.

Here is a great video to watch on the value of a smile. It is a bit sappy, but it makes a very important point. I think you will enjoy it. I did >