Brain Bulletin #53 - Brain Boggling Video

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We live in the Information Age.

I think that's wrong. We live in the Imagination Age. Everyone believes we live in the Information Age, but we've already gone through it. Information is everywhere....just 3 or 4 mouse clicks away.

Here is who I think really gets ahead in this world:

The people who can change the quickest.

These are the people who can use information. They can connect the dots in interesting ways. They make connections that have not been made before. They are problem solvers. These are the people whose brain have become good at seeing patterns.

How good is your brain at seeing patterns? Patternicity, to a large extent, determines your life expectancy. 

William James said, "Genius is the art of non-habitual thinking."

With this in mind Sony Corporation recently showed this brain boggling video at its annual executive conference:

The video concludes with these words: What does this mean?

I think it means we live in the Imagination Age. Imagination is the result of good brain function. And the result of your brain getting good at seeing patterns. 

Frank Ogden said, "There is a bulldozer of change coming. You can be part of the bulldozer, or part of the road." I am gently suggesting that the best way to be part of the bulldozer, and not become part of the road, is to look after your brain. Take good care of it. Learn as much as you can.

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Well, it has been a busy week. Our daughter's wedding at our place went great. The happy couple is in Mexico. Next week I am doing a speed reading seminar for students in Richmond. I love working with kids!