Brain Bulletin #54 - 6 Things You Probably Don't Know About Your Brain

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Here are 6 things you probably don't know about your brain:

  • Your brain is a 3 pound universe....wrapped in tissue and is proportionately larger than in any other creature on earth.
  • Your brain is just 2% of your body weight....yet demands 20% of your blood flow and 20% of your oxygen.
  • The number of physical thought pathways that your brain can potentially create is the number 1 followed by 10.5 million kilometers of standard font zeros.
  • The one hundred million neurons in your brain can create more ideas than the number of atoms in the known universe.
  • These ideas zip around in your brain at 428 kilometers per hour!
  • Your brain's total capacity for data storage is a terabyte of terabytes (you can look this one up...I did).

Yet for all of the scientific study of the brain....much remains a mystery. Here is a remarkable video. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. Keep the above six facts in mind as you watch it. Here it is: 


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Well, I have been enjoying summer. I have been doing lots of reading and research for my fall presentations. I read a great little book this week called "How Full is Your Bucket" by Tom Rath. It is a quick read and it is full of great, practical advice that ties in nicely with the discovery of mirror neurons (see BB #25).

During the month of August I will be teaching speed reading and study skills in Delta, North Vancouver, and Coquitlam.....helping students get ready for Sept. I am also preparing for a TV interview on Shaw. We also have a family holiday planned to Whistler. 

Remember, you are a genius.