Brain Bulletin #55 - The Coming Neurological Epidemic

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I have been telling people for years to look after their brains. I started the Brain Bulletin to help make it easier.

For a long time I have been telling people in my live seminars that their brains are at risk. In fact, neuro-scientists tell us that half the population will have Alzheimer's disease by age eighty!

Need proof?

Here is an excellent 3 minute video of a talk presented at the much respected TED Conference. It's the best thing I've seen is quite a while! There are also some great, practical, easy to implement solutions given.

Here is the link: 

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August has been full of yard work, reading, teaching, and holidays. I love this time of year! I even managed to keep my weight spite of all the BBQs.

Next week I am teaching study skills in North Van and Coquitlam and then off to Merrit to present at a teacher's conference. I speak to BC Hydro on Sept. 4 and then off to Switzerland to present The Leadership Brain at IMD. I love my job...