Brain Bulletin #64 - Inside Your Brain Interactive Tour

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What is the one thing you absolutely need to run your life successfully?

Answer: a healthy brain!

Consider this:

  • Paying attention is the result of good brain function.
  • Effective leadership is the result of good brain function.
  • Good parenting is the result of good brain function.
  • Healthy relationships are the result of good brain function.
  • Good memory is the result of good brain function.....
    .....and the list goes on and on.....

It is hard to overstate how important it is to make lifestyle changes now to stay vital tomorrow. Taking care of yourself today will keep your brain sharp and keep you independent for you entire life.

Here's the bad news:

Cognitive decline can start as early as age 24! The pathological changes in your brain associated with Alzheimer's can begin when you are at your peak. These changes may begin 3 decades before becoming noticeable. The incidence of Alzheimer's in younger people is increasing at an alarming rate. Some neuroscientists believe the road to Alzheimer's begins in childhood.

Here's the good news:

Much of this can be prevented. Making mindful, good decisions regarding diet, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle choices can actually make your brain younger.

The first step is to learn as much as you can about your brain. Learn what you can do to keep your brain healthy. Learn what can hurt your brain.

I recently came across the great, interactive tour of your brain and Alzheimer's at the Alzheimer's BC website. I encourage you to take this 5 minute tour right now! Here is the link:

More information on keeping your brain sharp and healthy can be found here: Is Your Brain Dying?

Congratulations on learning something about your brain today. The Brain Bulletin is committed to help to do just that. If you missed any Brain Bulletins you can find them in the Brain Bulletin Archive:

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Something great and ongoing for your brain:

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Twitter is a great way to learn and fuel your brain. I just posted something on multitasking and your brain (What happens when you try to do 3 things at once?).

I will be posting, or tweeting as it's called, regularly about the brain. What I'm reading, watching, thinking, doing....all as it relates to your brain. Twitter restricts tweets to 140 characters, so it is always quick and to the point. No time wasting!

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I had a busy June speaking to the RCMP, BC Hydro, Metro Vancouver, cancer survivors, UBC, and the City of Richmond. Great groups...all of them! I also watched way too much World Cup soccer......oh well, it's only every 4 years. I'm still perturbed about the England goal that didn't count.

And it is finally summer here in Canada. I am getting ready to speak this July to the Burnaby Board of Trade, Export Development Canada, MDA Corporation as well as present lots of public seminars on study skills and speed reading.

I started a great book this week called "The Shallows - What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains" by Nicholas Carr. Nick Carr asks the question: Is Google Making Us Stupid?