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Who really gets ahead in this world?

The people who can change the fastest, and who have brains that recognize patterns quickly.

Almost everything is part of a pattern. Relationships follow a pattern, good heath follows a pattern, effective learning follows a pattern. People with good pattern recognition capabilities in their brains do well. People who have a hard time seeing patterns struggle.

I've been telling people for years that developing a profound appetite for life-long learning is important for brain health. It's also important for developing the ability to see patterns.

Here's a pattern: A medieval gem-cutter, Johannes Gutenberg, started a printing revolution. The world was reconfigured. We are the product of that revolution. It was a big deal.

This looks like the next big deal: socialnomics. The world is undergoing the biggest reconfiguration since Gutenberg. Are you and your brain ready?

Here is the speaks for itself:

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It has been a great month. I made it safely to Germany and back to keynote the BOSCH Worldwide Sales and Marketing Conference. We even had an outdoor party in the snow. Germans know how to have fun! I also kept busy with 24 other presentations including UBC, BC Hydro, CM Accountants, Metro Vancouver, Enver Creek Secondary, and Kamloops Teacher's Conference. I also bought an Albert Einstein Action Figure (awesome....this may be the best thing I ever bought).

I leave this Saturday for a week of speaking in Switzerland. This time I'm not going to eat as much. I will be speaking at the High Performance Leadership Conference at IMD in Lausanne and then on to Lugano to speak 3 times at the SGIS Conference. I love my job!

I am taking a great book to read on the plane: "Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think? The Net's Impact on Our Minds and Future" by John Brockman. I'm hoping my brain will pick up some new patterns.....