Brain Bulletin #77 - What 3 Fruits Cut Your Stroke Risk in Half?

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Brain attack. That's what a stroke is.

A stroke affects the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain. Blood contains oxygen and nutrients and delivers them to your brain via four arteries and their branches.

When deprived of oxygen, nerve cells in the affected area of the brain can't function and die within minutes. When nerve cells can't function, the part of the body controlled by these cells can't function either. The devastating effects of stroke are often permanent.

What if you could cut your stroke risk in half by making one simple decision each day?

You Can. Eat more white food. Think apples, pears, bananas, garlic, cauliflower, cucumber, onions....

A remarkable new study found that for every 25 grams of the white stuff you eat, stroke risk declines by a whopping 9%. For example, a medium size apple is 180 grams, a banana is 115 grams. You can do the math. It is worth noting that this study included 20,000 people and took ten years to conduct.

No one seems to know why this happens. But, I'm not waiting for science to figure it goal this year is to eat one white fruit every day.

How about you? only get one brain.

Also, don't forget to eat The Colour Purple

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I had a fun and relaxing month. I always like December and Christmas. We spent this time on the Baja...lots of sunshine and Vit D for the brain. I got to contemplate weighty questions like, "Should I have another taco pastor?" I also brushed up on my tennis game (a great brain workout). 

I also spent some time in Switzerland and France in December. I got to speak to a great group of geniuses at Unigestion in Geneva.

Holidays are great for reading, too. I loved the book: "Creative Thinkering - Putting Your Imagination to Work" by Michael Michalko. It reminded me again how important it is to think about your thinking.

I am looking forward in January to working with Metro Vancouver, the teachers at GW Graham School, keynoting the Canadian Reformed Schools Conference. Lots of public seminars, too.