Brain Bulletin #9 - How Your Brain Remembers Things

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How many of you have noticed that understanding something does not guarantee that you will be able to recall it?! Have you noticed that your mind has a mind of its own? Ever get to the bottom of a page and wonder what you just read? Forget someone's name a few seconds after you heard it? Telephone numbers? Study material? The list goes on and on...

In order to remember something you must pay attention! You brain is bombarded with information today. Far too much information!! To survive most of us have become good at not paying attention. Samuel Johnson said, "The art of memory is the art of paying attention."

Here is a technique that will change your life in seconds: When you hear or study something important, and you have understood it. Do not let your brain move on too quickly. Pause and ask yourself, "How am I going to remember this?" Then watch your genius brain go to work. There are dozens of techniques to anchor information in your brain.

In the next Brain Bulletin I will tell you about my favourite. Multi-tracking! The greatest learning short cut on the planet.